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1-1 Strategy & Planning Sessions

As your guide and your translator I share actionable advice and predictions about the future that are informed by Astrology, Numerology and Chinese metaphysics. I'll help you to see potential and possiblility available for you to leverage. You'll save time, energy, money, frustration and dissappointment in your efforts to achieve  your goals.

Add decades of practical experience in start up and entrepreneurial practice, along with intuitive inspiration and insights, and you have a personalize recipe for success. This unique combination will give you deeper understanding and clarity to create a strategy and infuse your decisions and actions with a deeper sense of certainty. A certainty that deepens your conviction and belief in your success.

Personal Power & Orientation

Transformational insight and foresight will lead you to identify and embrace your uniqueness in your way of working and providing service. I'll help you to be clear on what's next, and to be positively positioned for what lies ahead. In a comfortable, nurturing and effective way, we focus on your strengths and personal opportunites to design, create and expand your entrepreneurial business or practice.

Finding yourself changes everything. Your birth chart provides insight and foresight to unleash your potential, find soul satisfaction, your  life purpose and path. You clear doubt and uncertainty as I illuminate your talents and strengths, and reveal secrets to your best work, branding, services and market. Get clear on your way to have more happiness and success.

Time & Energy

Looking at time and energy cyclically and holistically, I help you align your business strategy, projects and goals with seasons of business and cycles of  energetic support.  Feel relief knowing what to prioritize and your best timing for specific action. Increase your success, being on track, feeling aligned, and working in the flow. 

Direction - Decisions - Action

Looking ahead I'll help you anticipate, position and plot your course for what's next and what lies ahead. Reduce fears and risk looking at timing, potential and support for your best strategy and optimum path forward.  Clarity and confirmation opens doors as it relieves stress, resistance and indecision. Your new confidence and conviction increase success in your next move, decisions and actions.

Balance & Harmony

Relieve the battle between your head and your heart.  Experience  joy, peace and magic when you increase your efficiency and effectiveness with acceptance and deeper understanding. Learn how to optimize your relationship with others, your current circumstances, and benefit from valuable energetic influences around you. 

Your future depends on your choices today

and how you prepare for tomorrow