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insight, foresight & fresh perspective

big decision

Clarity to feel right and confident in your decision and next move.

Together we dig into details, expand your options, and come up with creative ideas and strategies as needed. I look for evidence (Invisible and real) to support your decision.  I ask questions that bring you to clarity, confirmation and centre. Working together you have a non-judgmental, smart, creative, problem solving partner that interweaves logic and intuition, with objective perspective that can see the wood for the trees.
At the end of our 1-1 session you’ll walk away inspired and clear and lighter. The circling, back and forth and head-heart battle is a thing of the past.    A new level of confident decisiveness for what feels right and make sense to you, will give you just what you need to take action.
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case studies


Every session is different and customized to resolve your personal questions, doubts, uncertainty and second guessing. Everyone can trust our work togther is kept private and safe with me. Here are some scenarios to give you a taste.

Is it a good investment to ...

Enrole in a 10K program?

My client had the money if it was a wise investment - If the ROI was as good as "the promise"  She had a bad taste from a past experience, and an open mind that this could indeed be different. She could clearly see the opportunties, solutions and outcomes - but something just didn't feel right.

DECISION to be the evolutionary leader that she is. We developed a strategy to achieve her goals in her own  unique way using consulting services of specific experts at a fraction of the cost and personalized to her needs, timing and vision.

Should I...

Take over a franchise?

A chef and restaurant owner was looking at a change to his exisiting business to gain more freedom through a new enterprise.  He was contemplating taking over an existing local franchise but something wasn't sitting right.

DECISION: to take over the existing location but not the franchise. Instead after our creative and masterminding conversation where we expanded on options and feasibility he ran with the idea and concept and created a brand new franchise of his own.

Bringing wisdom and experience of years in hospitaility, franchise, start up and business expansion to the table, to meet his personal brilliance, resulted in a single conversation that was the clarity and catalyst he needed to run with.

Do I

Stay or do I go?

Frustrated in a tired, unfulfilling long time relationship my client was evaluating what was next for her.

DECISION 1: To move out of limbo and make a clear decision to revisit her final decision at a later date.

DECISION 2: To make self-discovery and finding personal clarity a priority.

She chose to renew clarity at this age and stage of her life and to get clear on what she values, wants and desires.  It was time to discover more about her partner and put new perspective and ideas into play in an unfolding way.

Moving into a state of discovery and design of potential, possibility, pupose and her path, has enriched  her life and shifted aspects of her relationship to date. She meets with me regularly to support  her  growth, discovery and development and create a happier and more fulfilling life.