Vision Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs

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exclusive day retreat

Inspired women clarify their vision 

A vision canvas is powerful.

Show me a woman connected to her vision and you've got a powerhouse. A powerhouse of conviction and certainty, a powerhouse of passion and purpose. This is a retreat day especially designed for entrepreneurs, creatives, healers, solo professionals and natural leaders ready to create a positive view of the next few years of their life. 

Unlike many vision board offerings, you are not coming to set yourself up to chase after a pie in the sky image or to paste pictures into a visual shopping list.  Instead you will learn about subtle powers and influences that are hidden in the subconscious and creative process, and tap into your co-creative powers throughout the day.

Personalized numerology insights will bring insights into timing and alignment of your vision.

As you reveal, clarify and anchor your fresh vision throughout the day, you'll simultaneously design and start creating your Destiny.

your vision canvas is a valuable tool

to Strategize, Plan and create  your destiny

As a window to your heart and a landing place for your imagination, your vision board provides a foundation to strategize, plan and to realize your life, your work and your legacy. Budgets and business plans are far easier to develop and stick to when you have a vision that reflects your true desires to accomplish.

Beyond the limitation of words, pictures allow thing to show up in ways you may never imagine, and give ideas room to morph and grow.

Hung in plain sight, when you return home or to your office, your masterpiece of your goals and desires acts as a conscious and subconscious daily reminder of what's important. It is a catalyst and foundation to build upon to increase your vibrancy, wealth, success and happiness in your daily life and business.

Theresa Sherwood - Owner Sherwood Farm Retreat Venue
"Judy O is an awesome adviser and guide for entrepreneurial women. Her number one strength in my opinion is her ability to listen and re-frame your situation to help you clarify your path.  She has helped (and continues to support) my vision, plan, and implementation timing in the development of Sherwood Farm Retreat, while considering my personal life and goals.
Judy and I share the same values around work, life, family and support of other entrepreneurs. Sherwood Farm's natural environment provides a relaxed space conducive to the vision process.
Judy and I enjoy working together, supporting breakthroughs, development and growth of entrepreneurs."
Dr. Oksana Sawiak - International Speaker, Author, Integrative Health

"I loved how you drew us to explore deeper layers and clarify them to ourselves. 
It was the Best "Vision board" exercise I have ever experienced."