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Are you a smart, caring women at a point of change or reorientation? Frustrated where you're at. Done with waiting, searching and constantly trying to figure things out for yourself.

Feel liberating RELIEF and empowerment with Judy

  Feel Alive with a new level of Confidence, Clarity, Effectiveness & Flow  Get Oriented & Aligned for Success, Wellbeing, Harmony & Happiness 

With Judy's mastermind approach you'll gain unique fresh perspective, foresight, confirmation and clarity shared in a gentle, highly intuitive, genuine and practical way. As an intuitive astrologer and life and business guide, she works primarily with Conscious Professional Women and Soulpreneurs to replace stress, fear, uncertainty and anxiety with the clarity and confirmation of the invisible opportunties and potential waiting to be unlocked and used to their advantage.

"Always such a joy to review & refine my 2024 business plans and goals with Judy O! Her insights have greatly helped clarify my vision for my company. She is also helping me find balance, and the right timing, to successfully ride the waves of my personal goals for this year. And with surfing, as in business, timing is everything. Judy helps you to clear the noise, so you have the space & confidence to make the best decisions at the best time."  Deb Wilson Smith - Gardens of Joy

If you're looking for breakthroughs, cutting edge insights and incremental innovation, Judy is a leader who can guide you through uncharted territory using astrological insight and foresight to plot your best course. Judy will help you find that missing puzzle piece, create solutions, clear long-held blocks and see your best way forward. She'll inform you of ways you can use your uniqueness and authenticity to your distinct advantage to increase your impact and effectiveness in your life and work. Judy's intellect and inventiveness will help you to optimize your productivity and find your best strategy. All in a way that inspires you to make changes, take action and create more fulfillment with a true sense of freedom, peace, wellbeing and enthusiam.  

Choose from 1-1 sessions, workshops, retreats, masterminds and stategic planning sessions to enjoy growth and expansion, wealth and success through clarity, acceptance, authentic expression and alignment.

Let's get you Flourishing - happy today, and looking forward to your Life & Work ahead.

Open up to a whole new level of confidence with deeper understanding of yourself and your path. Feel free and empowered for what's next with uplifting and transformational astrological insight and foresight.

The pursuit of success and happiness can be dauting.

Even the most competent, confident and intelligent women have moments of question, uncertainty and doubt. Times when we feel overwhelmed, limited, lost or blocked. Challenged to find what's right for you.

We're going to get you feeling empowered, re-energized and free. We're going to reformulate what's going on. Get you back in your element and living in the flow. 

  • Quiet the inner critic, guilt, dissappointment and shame of curve-balls or things not going as planned. 

  • Find peace and resolve the inner conflict of unmet expectations and the frustration of not achieving desired results and respect.

  • Lighten the load that's been weighing on your wellbeing, spirit, relationships and work.

Classes & 1-1 offer  ways to gain deeper understanding, clarity and insights to navigate life's ups and downs and get into the flow. A roadmap to quickly unlock your true potential, understand what's going on and move forward with confidence. A way to discover your uniqueness that sets you apart and propels you towards a prosperous future. Insight that embraces your individuality so you can shine brighter.

Life & Business Your Way

is easier said than done.

To step off the highway of the masses and answer the call of your soul, means taking a path less worn. To trust your intuition and your unfolding path in life and business is not for the faint of heart. Uncertainty, delayed results, limitations and lack of clarity are probably the hardest part.
New circumstances, overwhelm, pressure and high expectations for someone with a need for harmony and balance, can cause havoc between our mind and emotions. Sensitive to external energy and other's opinions it can feel hard to trust yourself and take off, let alone flourish and fly. Layer on memories of your stronger times and unfulfilled expectations and good old guilt, shame and dissappointment creep in and pulls our energy and spirit further down.
Even the most competent, confident, strong and optimistic women can come to this point in times of uncertainty, doubt and big change. 

What do you google?  Who can help?

...when your mind's asking  - "am I crazy? feel exasperated

and your heart's calling you to find your truth.

I'm here as a teacher, interpreter and wayshower with both practical and spiritual solutions. To help you reconnect yourself with your values and your vision. Because I've walked this path and guided conscious women before you, you get wisdom of experience, positive energy, smart and caring guidance shining light on your optimal path. I help you to avoid the potholes, prepare for opportunties and bridge that gap between where you are and what you want. In classes, I'll teach you how to read your own map, trust your inner compass and see wonders on your path of discovery and growth.


As soon as we reframe your uncertainty You reclaim your power.

The moment you see potential in and around yourself you have the keys to increase your power of influence and open doors of profound possibility.

With clarity, foresight and awareness not only will you be equiped to make confident and effective decisions, you'll amplify the best parts of yourself and communicate in ways that are engaging, enjoyable and influential. Your marketing, presence and conversations will become more aligned, inviting and trustable and in being so, increase the impact you need to grow, achieve and flourish.
My unique methodology interweaving Numerology, Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics gives you unique insight into yours and surrounding potential that you can tap into to maximize your performance and make a name for yourself and your work. I help you capitalize on your resources and good fortune, minimize and avoid difficulties, and clarify the best focus for your energy.
When you work and learn with me you will get fresh perspective, inspiration, teachings and guidance that provide fast accurate insights and a clear way that resonates with your truth. I'll help you to be proactive, take control of your destiny and tap into your power. Together we'll amplify your ability to make magic happen.
With a clear sense of self, direction, and purpose you'll have the eyes to see opportunities and the confidence to take bold actions.  With clarity and confirmation you'll speed up, enjoy, and be more effective turning your invisible ideas and desires into tangible reality.
Solutions, Validation and Confirmation
I have the unique gift of being able to get to the root cause and bring creative solutions to problems that aren't clear cut or easily visible. My sharp mind loves to probe into corners and explore all perspective. With my strong powers of observation, listening and highly tuned intuition merged with a large reservior of knowlege and practical wisdom, I give you fast and perceptive insights, fresh ideas, new options and practical actions.
I bring you validation, confirmation, signposts and timing with Astrology, Numerology and Metaphysics in a way that it will feel spot-on when you hear it. Insight and foresight will help you get out of internal conflict and second-guessing, shift limiting beliefs and old strories. New conscious awareness, fresh perspective and choices opens doors and illuminates your way forward. Your peace of mind and fresh perspective is a game changer.
Feeling free to be you and confident in your choices your vitalized energy naturally attracts opportunties and wonderful experiences, and leads you to special results.
We start with a 1-1 session to get Oriented and Clear and find your Best Strategy to move forward.
Workshops give you tools and answers as your learn.  Full day retreats provide a beautiful space to clarify your Vision and come back to center.
Join me to learn how to improve your performance and bring in more grace and ease. Find your Focus for the year andmaximize your time and energy working in your element. Create our own harmonious life/work flow. Break invisible chains and clear limiting subconscious beliefs joining align & clear. Experience consistent improvement in your life and business intentionally co-creating each month. 

 Astrology & Numerology Insights for Your Life & Business

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Your birth chart is your map 

Your birth date holds the keys to soul fulfillment and maximum performance. Your numerology and astrology charts provide perspective on your current circumstances, foresight for opportunities and best direction along with clarity to trust your path. It holds secrets to your branding, marketing and planning, highlighting where and when you'll find success in your work.

Working with me you get unique interpretation with depth and breadth of perception, interwoven with decades of experience in relieving entreprenerial trials and tribulations. You can feel confident knowing my keen Intuitive interpretation and creative solutions are founded in decades of study, observation, research and practical application.
Stepping back to look at things from an energetic perspective we see things differently, objectively and in a more empowering light. Forecasting helps us to build strategies to maximize your performance, strengthen your reputation and achieve success. This wisdom and knowledge gives you power to shape your future. Peace and acceptance to be where you are, fulfillment and enjoyment creating the destiny you want. I'll help you align to your desires, position for growth and help you make surprising gains from big, small and modest opportunities.

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get oriented & clear

feel confident in your next step & decisions
At the centre of your Practice and as the Leader of your life your Inner-Certainty and Clarity is key. When you truly know who you are, and what you bring to others, magic happens. When you are able to present clear ideas, thoughts and decisions easily, people listen. Your clarity, courage and noticable confidence forms the foundation of healthy attention, momentum, growth and profits. 
Whether you're in start-up, growth, transition or change, being clear and confident, trusting yourself and how you perform best significantly impacts your reputation and the growth of your practice.