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Together let's open doors and illuminate options and choices. Bring your answers to light. Let's make sense of what's been holding you back, and give you ideas and options you can't wait to run with. Let's optimize your time and energy while increasing your satisfaction and success.
  • Feel peace as deep reassuring clarity clears the doubt, fear and delay and brings order out of chaos.
  • Feel enriched, happy and empowered as you move into a momentum of co-creating your destiny, tweaking your life, and making choices that resonate with your soul. 
  • Feel deep satisfaction as your new perpective, decisions and actions increase your health, wealth, happiness and success.

Your Enterprising or Entrepreneurial path is full of growth, development and figuring things out to make your best decisions, move forward and up.

With change, interruption, growth and expansion comes discovery and design.  Moments to stop and get oriented and to figure things out, with some help from time to time.
If you're like me you don't need someone telling you what to do or who you are.  You actually hate that. What you do like is insight and expanded perspective. New ways to do things for yourself, wisdom of experience and different knowledge that adds value and impact.
You're open to new ways of doing things and curious about other ways to success.  Especially if it makes things better, easier, faster and more enjoyable. You  hate interference but appreciate someone smart to help in figuring things out. Helping you refine or expand on your ideas and what you know. 

What would it do for you if you had someone who sees the opportunites you sense, and can give you confirmation of your timing and approach? Someone you felt comfortable with and could trust.

 In a time that calls you to figure so much out for yourself, it's nice to know that with me you'll get this kind of unique and personalized help and you have the option to join others like you in classes and retreats. Kind, authentic, smart and enterprising women, looking ahead, conscious and improving right now.
If you have decisions to make. If you're looking for direction, timing and clarity I'm your go-to. I'll help you see what's possible and probable to feel confident in your choices and actions. We'll look at your true nature, your life path and desires. Give you the insight you need to know what's next, and to make decisions that are right for you.  With clarity, foresight and fresh perspective I'd love to help you set your course and clarify your way to effectively create success.

Scaling up - I help you leverage invisible assets

I'm here to reveal what you've got to work with, your emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual assets. Show you hidden potential and invisible advantages available now or lying ahead. Let's give you more time and energy. Transform and use your  energy caught up in frustration, uncertainty, stress and doubt.
Let's do this.  Get you aligned, more effective, focused and in the flow, making progress and the momentum you want. Internally feeling relaxed, happy and centred, excited for what lies ahead and have a true sense of satisfaction as you continually progress. You won't get set structure, analytics and tight deadlines with me - you're going to enjoy making things happen. 
If you're like me you love to travel, to take in the culture and vibe. Think of me as your guide and translator, that can help you feel safe while excited for adventure. Your birth charts are your map, I've got a compass and know this area you're in. I'll guide you away from the area's not to visit. I'll point out your best routes and options. I'll help you enjoy the best foods, see interesting sights and feel inspired by incredible views. This my friend is an incredible journey, one you will never forget. It would be a priviledge for me to be your guide on your way of becomming the greatest version of yourself and doing your greatest work.

tools & talent

Astrology, Numerology, and Chinese Metaphysics provide clear insight and foresight to self-mastery and entrepreneurial success.

Working with Astrology Numerology and Metaphysics for more than 20 years, they have been my tools to solve problems, dig deep for understanding, see potential, possibility and timing for success.
Your birth date holds the keys to your success. Your birth chart provides perspective on your current life circumstances, a sense of what’s coming and a way to better understand yourself.
You get unique interpretation with depth and breadth of perception interwoven with decades of entreprenerial business experience and life wisdom. You can feel confident knowing my keen Intuitive interpretation is founded in decades of study, observation, research, analysis and practice.
Stepping back to look at things from an energetic perspective we see things differently, objectively and in a more empowering light.  Forecasting helps us in building strategies for success, and to be prepared for what lies ahead. This wisdom and knowledge is power in shaping your future. Awareness of small or modest opportunities may reap large gain.

Understanding the dynamics at play, bringing in new ideas and fresh perspective, empowers us to feel more optimistic, clear and centred.

Feeling less stressed, aware and more open, things get easier. Answers unfold, the future becomes increasingly clear and success starts falling into place.
Together we'll get you inspired and excited to move forward, with a clear sense of direction and focus. You'll find what I share resonates, feels right, often confirming your inner sense. Your increased trust in the time line, your decisions and your actions in turn increases the energy of success.


Clarity and direction

in times of Change, Uncertainty and Growth

Our first job is to make sense of your current circumstance and to open your way forward. Solve the challenge and frustration at hand, see opportunties and openings avalilable. We want to have you feeing confident in your next decision and action and clear on your direction and path.
Our next step is discovery and design. Know your strengths, trust your intuition and create what you really want. Gracefully clarify, clear and adjust each month participating in Align & Clear. Learn New Moon Astrology to build confidence and certainty as you exercise your creative power each month. Rise to new levels of awareness and achievement with incremental change and adjustment.
Our ultimate goal is to get you into your sweet spot - thriving in your life and your business. Flourishing, radiant and empowered. That place where you feel fully yourself and you communicate clearly.  Happy in who you are and all you're creating. Imagine yourself feeling lighter and fulfilled with trust in the journey, instead of waiting, hoping or being limited by external influences.
When you see the compound results of good choices and efforts. The benefits of trusting "your way", it feels good!  Life gets richer as your natural magnetism and authentic happiness attracts opportunties. There's sincere pleasure workng  with clients that align, with your service, your values, and vision. It feels absolutely amazing and incredibly humbling to clearly see how your talent, your service and your unique way of being, positively contributes to the whole, and ripples out, with such positive impact.

If I'm speaking your language and you're feeling prompted to explore let's connect. I'd love to teach and share my decades of learning, experience and innovative wisdom with you. It would be my pleasure to share insights and awareness to lighten your load, shorten your learning curve and get you better results faster and easier.

Let's have you feeling centred and clear, optimistic and excited for what's next. Let's have you feeling vitalized and fulfilled as you go far and high.
clarity, strategy & guidance



Let's start with a discovery call to explore the possibilities of us working together. Where are you stuck? What are you trying to figure out? What do you want? Whether you are clear or trying to figure that out too, let's start with a conversation and see where it leads us. 

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Sign up to read Monthly Astro and Numerology Insights to help you makes sense of what's going on, and use the energy and  influences for your success.
"I have to say, this month's message truly resonated with me and AFFIRMED the changes I have to make for myself in order to grow to my higher good! Most important without the guilt. Yes to keeping Balance, Peace and Harmony"  Thank you." Nancy T


Learn where you have hidden advantages to support your success. Know what areas of your life are up for change. A 1-1 Session where we look at what you clearly want to achieve and any ideas you have floating around. Move forward with a whole new level of confidence knowing where you have relavant support, and clear feasibility for success.
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personal clarity & confidence in your

decisions, DIRECTION & strategy

Together, we can bring you to a vantage point that's authentic, logical and future oriented. A place where your intuition and logic align. With speicific focus in each session We'll explore options, perspective, and avenues. Help you to see the situation clearly, make sense of your experience and define what's relavant to you now.
I'll help you to see your markers and expose hidden support for both your wellbeing and success. We can expand on your ideas and reign them in. Bringing creative imput to your projects or endevours, and guiding you in plotting your course, you'll experience a new level of energy, clarity, confidence and self-assurance to make clear decisions, break new ground and fulfil your vision.


A big decision feels heavy and blurred. The logical pros and cons you've figured out for yourself. You know what to do as soon as you make the decision.
Now your head is swimming.  Circling with so many ideas,  options, an offer that seems crazy to refuse. 
A past experience, conflicting emotions, something is keeping you swirling, stuck or ping-ponging back and forwards. Something feels off, you know not to over-ride it, and you can't figure out what it is. In a 1-1 session we get you to the point, where your clear decision feels right.

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Available 1-1 or in a session with your team. This session is organic, getting all the pieces of your puzzle in sync with supporting influences. Together we set markers and create a road map focused on effective growth and positive impact. Setting you up for success with freedom  focus and flow.

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As smart as we are sometime we get stuck in our thinking and could use a peer with fresh perspective, creative problem solving and intuitive insight to infuse new energy that gives you your answers.
Brand, marketing, planning, problem solving

Let's get the creative juices flowing for you and your biz

progressive realization of your dreams and desires 

clarity, alignment & success

in your life & Business

These unique programs have been created to clear what's in the way and get you moving forward and up in an authentic, organic and effective way.  Self-discovery, business design and compounding success go hand in hand as you commit to ongoing learning, application, alignment and action.
Self-knowing feeds self-drive, real empowerment fuels performance. It's action and dedication that gets you tangible results.
Here are opportunities to achieve more and live a richer life.


Yes balance! Find your focus and flow and be effective and productive without the stress. Whether you're going crazy with so much on your plate or ovewhelmed needing clear focus, Numerology for entrepreneurial success is for you

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Set yourself free from limiting beliefs that are blocking you from achieving success. Join a unique working group for women, to thrive in your business. Attend ocassionally or each month to transform your mindset, make new connections and mastermind with kind, smart and savvy women. 

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