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Hi there!
There are times when we can't find answers in logic alone and we find ourselves questioning our intuition. That's when I come in. Energy and time are my specialty.
I'm going to ask you questions, look at possibilites and pick out solutions to chaos and challenging situations. I'll bring a calmness to the situation and tune in to what needs to be done, not only to move you forward, but to also avoid the same happening again.
I'm a door opener and catalyst for change, helping independent, competent and kind women get clear and aligned to run and create both happiness and success with their own personal magic.
Empowered with foresight and relieved of doubt and fear you'll make great strides in your own right time, and in your own unique way. 
I’m wired for finding creative solutions and making positive change. Open honest conversations reap big rewards and clear blocks in the way. Some sessions are compassionate and deep, others vibrantly alive with ideas, inspiration and strategy. I always meet you where you're at.
My passion is for discovery, design and improvement. Helping you reach new levels of excellence in yourself, your life and your work. You can expect out of the box, little known wisdom that gives you positive impact and faster results with grace and ease in the process. You can also expect big picture perspective and future focused forecasting to support your future success, created from your clarity, decisions and actions today.
Work with me and you have wisdom of experience, a compassionate heart, and a fresh pair of eyes that's focused on your best possible outcome.
Every consultation or class is a collection of pivotal moments.
Moments of new awareness and deeper understanding to lighten your load, open your way forward and increase your happiness and success.

your work is personal and dynamic

Lot's of moving parts. Lots of decisions to make.

When stuck or caught in analysis paralysis, my fresh perspective and expanded awareness can bring you profound change and relief in an instant. Ah-ha moments can save years in figuring things out; giving you profound shifts and confident forward movement without force. 

"Wow! You just saved me two years of figuring this out on my own" 

We have many ways to align you to your path.
  • Personalized discovery to strenghten your brand and clarify your niche.
  • Strategy and planning sessions to navigate your way forward and up, replacing stress and struggle with fresh energy and increased ease and grace.  
  • Creative brainstorming and ideation to expand on your products, services and explore options to increase your income.
  • Forecasting and trendspotting to be prepared aligned for for opportunties and changes up ahead. 
Synergistically combining your personal strengths and natural rhythm with energetic influences and cycles around you, you'll benefit from advantages and opportunties few know about.