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Join me to explore the fascinating, enlightening and inspiring connections between Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Metaphysics and You. Discover how these tools provide windows into potential, open doors to opportunity and feed confidence in your presence and decisions.  Self-discovery, personal growth and soul-alignment is a life long journey with a lot of learning, observing and integration along the way.
When I'm in the flow I write a lot...
I write with the intent to expand your awareness, shine light on the future and share fresh perspective and  understanding you can use right now. 
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July 20, 2023
Nice and Kind - What's the difference?
This morning I was reading Tiago Forte's most recent blog and felt the draw to share with you the first two points on his list of “Surprising Insight from My First Mastermind.” It seemed fitting to follow my last email to you, as well as for the energy we are in right now.

The New Moon on Monday opened us to new intentions, new approaches and a prompt to initiate new actions. The Sun remains in Cancer until Saturday bringing light and energizing... continue reading

July 2023

Life Path and Direction
In high school as members of the outdoor club we went orienteering. With a compass and a topographical map we had to navigate through unfamiliar woods from check point to check point as fast as possible to win the race.
While others might have been the faster runners, I was acutely aware even then, that my strength as part of the team was my navigational skills. The ability to get our bearings and see the markers made up for my lack of speed running. Who knew 40 years later I'd be looking at natal charts to give others their bearings and markers to come out as winning entrepreneurs.

In hindsight it's always fascinating to see how one seemingly small event , was actually setting us up in a sublte way for the success we enjoy today. Little awarenesses and clues that unknowingly have a lasting impact. It just popped into my head as I was creating an image on Canva.
Anything like this pop into your head?

July - Oct 2023

Cosmic Support to Bring Order out of Chaos and to Organize & Plan

We have Virgo moon energy to support us tomorrow (Thursday July 20) and into the weekend to bring order out of chaos and efficiently organize and plan.  Virgo rules synthesis and will help you to see how the pieces fit together. 

Mercury the planet of communication will be having an extended stay in Virgo between July 29 and October 4th. With Mars in Virgo now until August 27 you may well feel very motivated to create order, find focus and create structured routines for your information management as well as your health and wellbeing.

You might also feel like calling in a professional organizer.

Astrology, Numerology, and Chinese Metaphysics provide clear insight and foresight to fulfill your greatest potential and create order out of chaos.
They are tools we can use for personal evolution and business growth strengthening the confidence and clarity we all need to turn ideas into tangible reality.
In the Western world, very few women leaders and entrepreneurs know of the connection between astrology and metaphysics with personal fulfillment and professional success and the advantages they offer.
As your strategic partner and intuitive visionary who can see invisible assets and hidden opportunties now and on your horizon, I am able to give you compounding advantages year after year.
Working with Astrology Numerology and Metaphysics for close to 25 years, I have profound tools and keen intuition to quickly solve problems, dig deep for understanding, see potential, possibility and timing to strategize your success.