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My favourite way to share decades of discovery, practice and learning is in conversation and interviews.  My teaching, my writing and 1-1 sessions all have a comfortable conversational way of giving you clarity and fresh perspective that brings instant relief, lightens you up and opens your way forward.

New Year radio interview

What do the numbers and stars say about 2023?

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed being interviewed by Brenda Mason on Freshwaves Radio. Happy New Year to You!

Owning your uniqueness

Kaluwa is an empowerment coach and intuitive healer who is sharing stories to heal, inspire and bring people together. We had a lovely conversation about owning your uniqueness- learning along the way and bringing more grace to our own unique journey. There are times it can be so tempting to aim for mainstream but for Changemakers, that isn't in alignment. Have a listen. You might find yourself nodding your head and having a laugh along with us.

Numbers don't lie

Elena Petrescu invited me to join her on her Rewired Inspired podcast to explain how I mix my knowledge of numerology, astrology, and Chinese metaphysics to empower business owners and unblock people's paths towards their version of success. We talk about heaven, earth, and human luck and how invisible energy impacts our decisions and the outcome of the decisions we make every day. I also shared some nuggets of what we might expect in 2022.

Have a taste with this soundbite and use the link below to hear it all. Enjoy.

10 Steps from Confusion to Clarity

Are you starting another chapter in your life? Are you thinking about making changes?

Are you hesitant because it's a new direction and you don't know how it will play out?

Do you wish you had a crystal ball to see into your future?

If you want to know more, you'll want to listen to THIS episode of Own the Grey with  Debra Jones

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