Discovery Call
discover - design & Align with your destiny


These exclusive retreats support growth, enlightenment and connection for a small group of heart-listening women. Each offers you a full-day journey, space and grace to really connect with your heart, your soul's calling, your personal brilliance and what you truly want.
Come to experience life changing awareness, fresh interpretations and breakthrough energetic shifts. Join us to develop your own unique vision. Find clarity and focus that fuels your next choices and actions. Feel refeshed with inner confirmation that will naturally speed up your progress and lighten your relationship with yourself.
Are you ready to feel comfortable in your power to co-create your destiny?
Join us to ignite and anchor Your Vision of an inspired, happy and meaningful future. 

awaken New horizons

refresh your vision

Join us for a day of nourishing clarity for your heart, your soul and your future
During this one-day interactive process, you’ll create a compelling customized picture to support your purpose and path - a visual map to guide your decision and actions.
The day starts with space to quiet your mind and hear your soul's calling and expands into enlightening conversation as you reignite latent goals, and identify areas of true passion and meaning. 
Join me to rediscover, realign and revitalize your energy. This day is filled with transformation and ah-ha moments as you open up your path, deepen trust in the unfolding and initiate the flow of a brighter, bolder and happier future.  Clarity and confirmation will amplify your confidence and refresh your relationship with yourself.
Go home feeling relaxed and re-energized with a deeper sense of certainty in what you want, where you're heading with your visual essence of what that looks like.  Wake up the next day with refreshed personal power and energy to create the impact you're now aligned to make.
Join us
As women who put our heart and soul in what we do, we need space to refresh our vision from time to time. Join us for the first time, or join us again.  We awaken new horizons each time with fresh insights and deeper wisdom. Each retreat is as unique as the women who join us, and your  new vision that comes to light.
Come broaden your horizons and ignite change. Connect with other skillful and original women who recognize the value of having future focused inititiatives. Soulpreneurs, conscious professionals and heart-centred women with a passion for learning, improvement, connection and growth.
Throughout the day bring your soul desires to the surface, awaken your destiny and get your creative juices flowing. Revitalize your mind, body and spirit with bold creative ideas, inspiration and personalized numerological timing insights. Enjoy nourishing and generative conversations over a delicious lunch.
End the day with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment for a day well spent. Feel good knowing that as you learned, explored, talked and spent the day in creative flow you were clarifying your direction, forging new connections, deepening your commitment and initiating the future you desire. This day's awareness and design is the first page of your next chapter and the vision to open doors to new adventures and opportunities. Drive home feeling inspired for the life and legacy you're about to create. Refreshed with new energy and perspective for yourself, your relationships, your life and your work. 

Materials, workbooks, refreshments and a delicious seasonal lunch are all included.   Turn off your phone, dress comfy and be ready for clarity, inspiration and enriching connection. Leave empowered with your vision for what's next.

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10am - 6pm  (9:40am arrival) Sherwood Farm Retreat, King City, ON.  Starting at $288

"I loved how you drew us to explore deeper layers and clarify them to ourselves.
It was the Best "Vision board" exercise I have ever experienced."
Dr. Oksana Sawiak - International Speaker, Author, Integrative Health
The vision retreat was a day of discovery, sharing and clarity.

 I didn't realize until this reminder 2 years later, just how much I have followed this vision.  I became certified in two additional modalities, and continue my studies in other areas. My practice is now full time and I love it! Being of service, guiding others how to connect with their higher self through energy work and reflexology. I'm having fun with family, and looking forward to a trip abroad together this year.

Mara Rossi - Finacial Professional, Healer

"Judy O is an awesome adviser and guide for entrepreneurial women. Her number one strength in my opinion is her ability to listen and re-frame your situation to help you clarify your path. She has helped (and continues to support) my vision, plan, and implementation timing in the development of Sherwood Farm Retreat, while considering my personal life and goals.

Judy and I share the same values around work, life, family and support of other entrepreneurs. Sherwood Farm's natural environment provides a relaxed space conducive to the vision process.

Judy and I enjoy working together, supporting breakthroughs, development and growth of entrepreneurs."

Theresa Sherwood - Owner Sherwood Farm Retreat Venue

Empowerment Retreat, Shine Your Light, with Judy Onorato & Angela Dawn. Sept. 10, 2023, King City, ON,,
exclusive day retreat

shine your light

An illuminating day of self-discovery and empowerment

The world needs you to shine your light brighter than ever before. In this one day empowerment retreat, dive deeper into your true self with tools and techniques guaranteed to enhance your passion and purpose.

With guides Judy Onorato and Angela Dawn, explore and transform your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.  Hands-on self discovery exercises mixed with astrology, numerology and enlightening discussions will prepare you to ride the waves of change and challenge. Leave empowered with clarity and confidence to feel lighter and shine brighter.

Materials, workbooks, refreshments and a delicious seasonal lunch are all included.   Dress comfy and be ready for expansion and growth.

Next Offering - September, 2024

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Deb Wilson-Smith
I wondered if you realized that all of your descriptions of ways to shine absolutely & accurately describe how you show up in the world.
I would not have been able to get to this point, of being able to buy my business partner out and feel completely and utterly as ease with continuing to grow my business, if wasn’t for the insights and ideas you have provided along the way.  
Love all you do!


Is the vision retreat for me if I don’t have a business yet?   I’m currently trying to find my path.

In short you don't have to have a business and if you're trying to find your path this could be exactly what you need.

My first suggestion is for us to hop on a call and explore where you are and see if the retreat and/or 1-1 best suits you needs.

The women that join this retreat are entrepreneurial by nature. Self motivated, wanting improvement and in a place of deeper discovery and clarifying where they are heading. Some have businesses, some are employed professionals getting ready for change, and others are women in the gap - in a place of reorientation and realignment.

Do you get women returning to create another Vision?

You bet!  Growth and life's changes call for a Fresh Vision. Here's what Susan has to say...

"I have had the pleasure of creating many vision boards with Judy since 2017. My very first experience, I just went with an open mind because I wanted to try something different, a new way to keep myself inspired and focused on my dreams and goals. The workshop was SO much more than just a bunch of people gathered together, clipping images and pasting to a board!

First, Judy brings us together on a spectacular, magical property at Sherwood Farm Retreat. She connects wonderful like-minded women together, who's collective energy is supportive and inspiring. It's pretty amazing what as a group we get from the reviews of each other's completed vision boards.

There are many layers to this day that you could never achieve on your own! Judy guides us through the day, starting with a clearing meditation to be present and in the moment. She cooks us a delicious meal that warms you and fuels you. And there is still so much more for you to experience, I can't tell you all the magic that happens, you need to come experience it for yourself - see you there!"

 Susan Toth, Keswick, ON  Oct 2023

What do you mean by specialty pictures?

After registering for the event you will receive an email confirming that supplies are included.  However if you need pictures related to a specific industry, brand, location, item, person, hobby, topic etc. you are invited to bring your own related magazine or picture.  For example: We have lots of travel magazines, but there may be a famous landmark you want to visit/ specific hotel to stay in/a specific event to attend. Of course you can always add other images later, after you have brought your vision to light during the retreat. (We are not creating pictorial shopping lists).

What's your cancellation policy?

All registration payments made are non-refundable.

Your registration fees are refundable or transferable (no admin fee) if WE cancel the retreat for any reason.

If you submit a written request up 7 days prior to the event, Your registration fees are transferable to other services less a $60 processing/administrative fee.

Please call or email with any questions or concerns

Which retreat is best for me?  How do I choose between the two?

Refresh Your Vision

Break away for a day to capture and envision the essence of your future. Time away from daily demands and interruptions to revitalize your spirit and confidence as you rediscover, realign and get clear on what you want and the direction you’re heading.

Leave withfresh eyes to see, believe and feel what you want and new energy to be, create, live and achieve.

Shine Your Light

The key differentation is that Shine your Light is focused on the ways and environment in which your shine. A deep dive into your true  self with you leaving empowered with clarity and confidence to feel lighter and shine brighter.

You also get my friend and colleague Angela Dawn bringing her wisdom and dynamic ways to the day. We make a great team.

The Complementary Package

Bringing your new expansion and Integrating how you Shine your light into a fresh new Vision of your life and work is powerful. The two retreats complement each other and have a compounding impact when enjoyed in close proximity.

When both retreats are offered within a close timeframe you have the opportunity to enjoy a special package price when you register for both at the sametime.