Discovery Call
discover - design & Align with your destiny


These exclusive retreats support growth, enlightenment and connection for a small group of heart-listening women. Each offers you a full-day journey, space and consciousness to really connect with your heart, your soul, your personal brilliance and your path.
Come to experience life changing awareness and energetic shifts. Gain clarity and empowerment that will naturally speed up your progress and lighten your relationship with yourself. Re-ignite your power to create your destiny - life and work that's right for you. 
exclusive big-picture day retreat

REfresh Your vision

A day of nourishing clarity for your heart, your soul and your future
When you can see it, feel it and believe it your energy shifts. A clear visual interpretation of all the thoughts and ideas swirling in your head gives you new energy and a deeper sense of certainty to be, create, live and achieve.
Give yourself a day to capture and envision the essence of your future. Rediscover, recharge, realign and get clear on what you want and where you’re heading. This day is filled with transformational energy to gracefully open up your path to manifest success, love, personal freedom and wellbeing. 
Even if you’ve joined us before, you're in a new place now - each retreat is as unique as the individuals who join us.
Connect with other soulpreneurs, heart-centred and conscious women with a passion for growth and impact.
Throughout the day bring your soul desires to the surface, awaken your destiny and get your creative juices flowing. Revitalize your mind, body and spirit with ideas, inspiration and personalized, numerological timing insights. Enjoy nourishing and generative conversations over a delicious lunch.
End the day with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment for a day well spent. Feel good knowing that as you learned, explored, talked and spent the day in creative flow you were clarifying your direction, forging new connections, deepening your commitment and generating the future you desire. Drive home feeling refreshed and inspired for the life and legacy you're about to create.  Notice the new energy you then bring to your relationships, your life and your work. Awareness and design is the beginning.

Materials, workbooks, refreshments and a delicious seasonal lunch are all included.   Dress comfy and be ready for expansion and growth.

Friday October 27th, 2023   10am - 6pm  Sherwood Farm Retreat, King City, ON.

Register Now- Earlybird Registration $263 until Monday October 6, 2023   $289 thereafter.

"I loved how you drew us to explore deeper layers and clarify them to ourselves.
It was the Best "Vision board" exercise I have ever experienced."
Dr. Oksana Sawiak - International Speaker, Author, Integrative Health
The vision retreat was a day of discovery, sharing and clarity.

 I didn't realize until this reminder 2 years later, just how much I have followed this vision.  I became certified in two additional modalities, and continue my studies in other areas. My practice is now full time and I love it! Being of service, guiding others how to connect with their higher self through energy work and reflexology. I'm having fun with family, and looking forward to a trip abroad together this year.

Mara Rossi - Finacial Professional, Healer

"Judy O is an awesome adviser and guide for entrepreneurial women. Her number one strength in my opinion is her ability to listen and re-frame your situation to help you clarify your path. She has helped (and continues to support) my vision, plan, and implementation timing in the development of Sherwood Farm Retreat, while considering my personal life and goals.

Judy and I share the same values around work, life, family and support of other entrepreneurs. Sherwood Farm's natural environment provides a relaxed space conducive to the vision process.

Judy and I enjoy working together, supporting breakthroughs, development and growth of entrepreneurs."

Theresa Sherwood - Owner Sherwood Farm Retreat Venue

Empowerment Retreat, Shine Your Light, with Judy Onorato & Angela Dawn. Sept. 10, 2023, King City, ON,,
exclusive day retreat

shine your light

An illuminating day of self-discovery and empowerment

The world needs you to shine your light brighter than ever before. In this one day empowerment retreat, dive deeper into your true self with tools and techniques guaranteed to enhance your passion and purpose.

With guides Judy Onorato and Angela Dawn, explore and transform your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.  Hands-on self discovery exercises mixed with astrology, numerology and enlightening discussions will prepare you to ride the waves of change and challenge. Leave empowered with clarity and confidence to feel lighter and shine brighter.

Materials, workbooks, refreshments and a delicious seasonal lunch are all included.   Dress comfy and be ready for expansion and growth.

Sunday September 10th, 2023   10am - 6pm  Sherwood Farm Retreat, King City, ON.

Register Now - Earlybird Registration $295 until August 20, 2023   $333 thereafter.

Deb Wilson-Smith
I wondered if you realized that all of your descriptions of ways to shine absolutely & accurately describe how you show up in the world.
I would not have been able to get to this point, of being able to buy my business partner out and feel completely and utterly as ease with continuing to grow my business, if wasn’t for the insights and ideas you have provided along the way.  

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Which retreat is best for me?  How do I choose between the two?

Refresh Your Vision

Break away for a day to capture and envision the essence of your future. Time away from daily demands and interruptions to revitalize your spirit and confidence as you rediscover, realign and get clear on what you want and the direction you’re heading.

Leave withfresh eyes to see, believe and feel what you want and new energy to be, create, live and achieve.

Shine Your Light

The key differentation is that Shine your Light is focused on the ways and environment in which your shine. A deep dive into your true  self with you leaving empowered with clarity and confidence to feel lighter and shine brighter.

You also get my friend and colleague Angela Dawn bringing her wisdom and dynamic ways to the day. We make a great team.

The Complimentary Package

Bringing your new expansion and Integrating how you Shine your light into a fresh new Vision of your life and work is powerful. The two retreats are complimentary and have a compounding impact when enjoyed in close proximity.

When both retreats are offered within a close timeframe you have the opportunity to enjoy a special package price when you register for both at the sametime.