Discovery Call
MY Philosophy

There are 2 parts to my philolosophy.

Conscious Awareness - Aligned Resonance & Clear Communication. 

As soon as we reframe our uncertainty we reclaim our power. The moment we become self aware and see potential in and around ourself we increase our power of influence and open doors of profound possibility. With clarity, foresight and awareness not only are we equiped to make confident and effective decisions, we can amplify the best parts of ourselves and communicate in ways that are engaging, enjoyable and influential. Our marketing, presence and conversations are inviting and trustable and in being so, increase the impact we need to grow, achieve and flourish.

Live Grow & Flourish from the leading edge of your comfort zone.

While everyone is talking about getting out of your comfort zone - I say live, co-create your destiny and expand your mastery from the leading edge of your comfort zone.

If your comfort zone is one of complacency and limiting beliefs I say dig in and get the energy moving. Essentially you’re dealing with stagnant energy. Just like stagnant water there's no energy for excitement, anticipation or action. Here we can get caught in the downward spiral of stinkin’ thinking and minimal effort which diminishes our spirit and compounds into more of what you don't want.

The comfort zone I’m talking about is one of knowing yourself and experiencing the comfort of core confidence and alignment with our soul and values.  It's being yourself and optimizing your potential as it reveals itself. It's taking risks and opportunities for growth and expansion without the race, chase the hussle and fearful leaps outside your comfort zone.

Take a moment - Think of yourself in your element. Your desires fulfilled, your dreams realized.       Isn't there both a sense of comfort and a sense of wonder for something bigger than yourself?

Every comfort zone has an outside edge, a leading edge, a creative edge. A stretch of 10-20-30% that with the compounding effect of consistent growth will always reap longer-lasting benefits. Our comfort zone is a firm foundation to take leaps of faith, face the unknown and work through the contrasts and challenges that come with life itself. 

This comfort zone is our deep keel of wisdom, inner-certainty and trust, that gives us courage and wisdom to successfully sail the seas of life and business. A strong foundation to build dreams and visions that last, serve many, and live on to become our legacy.

This comfort zone is your authenticity - your wholeness - a feeling of freedom, peace and joy. 

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 As an innovator and strategist I'm here to support your creation of a better future and to answer the call of your soul's-desire for happiness, wholeness, peace and alignment in the process of creating what you want. Working together you'll enjoy emotionally rewarding discovery, learning, growth and development amping up your leadership energy in your life and business.

You'll be empowered and enlightened with awareness and options to support wise decisions and to optimize your performance. I'll guide you to strengthen your presence, up your ability to manifest and create a better tomorrow with your personal potential, possibility and reality. 


Finding yourself changes everything. Your birth chart provides insight and foresight to unleash your potential, find soul satisfaction, your life purpose and path. You clear doubt and uncertainty as I illuminate your talents and strengths, and reveal secrets to your best work, branding, services and market. Get clear on your way to have both happiness and success.

Time & Energy

Looking at time and energy cyclically and holistically, I help you align your business strategy, projects and goals with seasons of business and cycles of energetic support. Feel relief knowing what to prioritize and your best timing for specific action. Increase your success, being on track, feeling aligned, and working in the flow.

Direction - Decisions - Action

Looking ahead I'll help you anticipate, position and plot your course for what's next and what lies ahead. Reduce fears and risk looking at timing, potential and support for your best strategy and optimum path forward. Clarity and confirmation opens doors as it relieves stress, resistance and indecision. Your new confidence and conviction increase success in your next move, decisions and actions.

Balance & Harmony

Relieve the battle between your head and your heart. Experience joy, peace and magic when you increase your efficiency and effectiveness with acceptance and deeper understanding. Learn how to optimize your relationship with others, your current circumstances, and benefit from valuable energetic influences around you.

 A syzygy of discovery, guidance & growth

While you have the freedom to choose a single experience of a retreat, a 1-1 or program, what we have here is an ecosystem of growth and development not a linear path. All my offerings are inter-related and layered for you to experience graceful, synergistic and cumulative progress in business along with your personal and spiritual growth.
Whatever you choose, you'll experience a noticeable boost in self-confidence and energy. Become clearer, happier and effective, and enrich your life with compounding growth in you venture.
You'll connect with amazing, smart, kind, independent and resourceful women in an environment that hears, sees and appreciates the wisdom of all. There is no room for grandstanding or whining, the focus is on awareness, improvement, creative problem solving and growth. Join us to acquire forever skills, knowledge and strategies to get oriented and make progress starting from where you are.

Your future depends on your choices today and how you prepare for tomorrow