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progressive realization of your dreams and desires 



Move your life and business forward everytime we meet. 

Expand your thinking, strenthen your confidence and increase success. These small group classes (6-10) are alive with conversation, demonstration and explanation during practical application. While core content and structure stays the same, each class is unique with inspired messages, insights, foresight, ideas and real life examples to meet the dynamic needs of the group. 

I created all these programs for women committed to growth, expansion a personal best. Business success and impact with a healthy dose of wellbeing, lightness, happiness and fun. 

Join me to clarify your vision,  plot your course and live with more peace, control and momentum in your life and business. Open your way forward, and increase your effectiveness  tapping into your cycles, rhythm and flow. Work in your element and get where you want to go.

Come to clear resistance, limiting beliefs and blocks and move forward and up empowered, enlightened and clear. Connect with wonderful independent women, with a focus on growth, harmony, wisdom and excellence. Design your destiny and build your business from a place of wholeness. 

After a 1-1, a Class or Day Retreat, you’re Ideally Suited to take the Next

All my offerings are inter-related and layered for you to experience graceful, synergistic and cumulative progress in business along with your personal and spiritual growth. With each program experience a noticeable boost in self-confidence and energy. Become clearer, happier and effective, and enrich your life with compounding growth in you venture. Connect with amazing women and acquire forever skills; tools and strategies to get oriented and make progress whatever the circumstance.

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Planning & Productivity with Balance

Most of us got into business for freedom. Freedom to profitably do what we want, with who we want, the way we want, when we want.

Effectiveness, efficiency and purposeful action are key to success. With the multitude of hats we wear and decisions to make it's essential to be able to get centerered and clear quickly and easily.

If fulfillment and wellbeing are important we must also listen to our inner wisdom and embrace our personal energy and timing.

Focus and flow is an unconventional way to get your bearings, anticipate, plan and work in your element.  A way to move forward more decisively and optimize your performance with ease and grace.

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An Exclusive Full Day                Vision Retreat

A relative and fresh Vision of your future is vital to live consciously and to co-create a life and business that is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

Having a clear picture of a life in which you thrive; a visual of health, wealth and success by your standards and style, sets the direction for your efforts and gives you clarity for decisions. Personalized numerology after a delicious lunch, ties your vision to your path and timing. This unique combination feeds your belief, excitement and confidence in what you want now and where you're going.

A vision canvas is truly a powerful tool.

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Clear Subconscious blocks and Limiting Beliefs slowing your achievement and success.

Clear fear, anxiety and resistance each month. Join us on zoom to focus on a key element in business like money, marketing, leadership and effectiveness to refine and elevate your business.

You choose whether to attend ocassionally for a specific topic or regularly each month to transform your mindset, make new connections and mastermind with kind, smart and savvy women. 

It's a leading edge and unique working group for women to align and thrive in business.

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Cheryl Gregory,  Founder of Master the Art of Human Connection

I work with Judy because she explains everything clearly and thoroughly, so I have a great understanding of what she is teaching. Her speaking pace is good - not too fast - not too slow. I learn best when I am taught a concept first and then given an example, and Judy does that. If there is something I’m not clear about, she finds an alternative way to explain it that works for me.

She has a calmness about her teaching style that is stress-free, so your brain is relaxed and open to learning. She knows what she’s talking about - she’s been doing it so long. In my experience, Judy goes beyond expectation and gives great value.``  


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