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progressive realization of your dreams and desires 



Move your life and business forward everytime we meet. 

These small group classes (6-10) are alive with conversation, demonstration and explanation during practical application. While core content and structure stays the same,  each class is unique with insights, foresight, ideas and real life examples to meet the dynamic needs of the group. Intutive insights come any time.

Join me to clarify your vision,  plot your course, open your way forward and increase your effectiveness in getting where you want to go. Come to clear limiting beliefs and blocks and to connect with other independent women with an inner calling for growth, harmony and excellence.

All my offerings are inter-related and layered for you to experience graceful, synergistic and cumulative progress in business with your personal and spiritual growth. With each program become clearer, more confident, happy and effective, and enrich your life with compounding growth in you business.

Planning & Productivity with Balance

Most of us got into business for freedom. Freedom to profitably do what we want, with who we want, the way we want, when we want.

Effectiveness, efficiency and purposeful action is key to success. If fulfillment and wellbeing are important we must also listen to our inner wisdom and embrace our personal energy and timing.

With the multitude of hats we wear in life and business it's easier said than done.

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CLEAR SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCKS & LIMITING BELIEFS slowing achievement and success.

Each month we meet on zoom to focus on a key element in business like money, marketing, leadership and effectiveness to refine and elevate your business.

You choose whether to attend ocassionally for a specific topic or regularly each month to transform your mindset, make new connections and mastermind with kind, smart and savvy women. 

It's a leading edge and unique working group for women to align and thrive in business.

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