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Discovery Call



Trust Your Intuition in Business

Tuesday March 21st, 2023  7:45pm - 9:45pm Zoom meeting.

This is our last NEWBIE class for a while and it is a prerequisite to join Align & Clear in the next 3 months. You receive the activation of Inner Influencing (a subconscious clearing modality) to clear limiting beliefs, fears and resistance. The invisible chains that limit success and slow progress.

Join us to harness the power of your inner compass. Strengthen your belief, faith and trust to confidently and successfully use intuition to thrive in business.

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Inspired Women Clarify their Vision

Sunday Mar 26, 2023   9:45am - 6:00 pm

Feel enlightened as you visualize and clarify life and business your way. Feel clear in your direction and strong in your decisions when personalized numerology after a delicious lunch ties your vision to your path and timing. Connect and share your vision with like minded women. Enjoy a magical day reenergizing, aligning and preparing for growth.

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Increase Your Wellbeing, Performance & Happiness with Numerology

Wednesday April 5, 2023   7:30pm -9:00 pm Aurora, ON.

In our 75 minutes together, enjoy a breath of fresh perspective with a demonstration of how the numbers in your birthdate relate to your energy, choices, growth and experience. Feel inspired and uplifted by the interesting and useful insight numerology offers to be happy, well and successful.

You'll be offered the opportunity to offer up your birthdate to demonstrate application.

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