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Discovery Call


An Evening of Yoga, Meditation & Numerology for Wellbeing, Harmony & Peace.

SUMMER SOLSTICE Wednesday June 21st, 2023   7:00pm - 9:00pm Bolton, ON.

Are you ready for an evening that is both fascinating and relaxing in a small intimate setting?

If you've ever worked with Judy or had a facial, massage or done yoga with Cathy, you'll know what a wonderful experience it is when you combine expertise with energy consciousness. When you experience relaxation and rejuvenation at sametime. Bring in the wisdom of numerology personalized to your birthdate and you're in for a treat.

Come and discover how yoga meditation and the numbers in your birthdate can help you to feel happier, more peaceful, centred and fulfilled.

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Inspired Women Clarify their Vision

Friday October 27th, 2023   9:45am - 6:00 pm   Sherwood Farm Retreat, King City

Feel enlightened as you visualize and clarify life and business your way. Feel clear in your direction and strong in your decisions when personalized numerology after a delicious lunch ties your vision to your path and timing. Connect and share your vision with like minded women. Enjoy a magical day reenergizing, aligning and preparing for growth.

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