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Focus and Flow is an unconventional way of planning and scheduling...

This program has been created for women committed to personal best, business success and effectiveness with a healthy dose of wellbeing, lightness, happiness and fun. Women listening to their soul’s calling and pursuing their passion projects.

It is not for women who wants to chase, hustle and plan everything to the nth degree.

It is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives, healers and service professionals who have a more holistic view of success. Women who know balance and harmony, hard work and happiness are the ingredients of true success, along with commitment and practice.

Effectiveness, efficiency and purposeful action is key to success. So is listening to our inner wisdom and following our soul path if we want fulfillment. Time to recharge and integrate is as important as planning and action. 

Focus & flow is a way to kiss uncertainty, overwhelm and procrastination goodbye. To get oriented, deepen your understanding of yourself and your circumstances, and to forecast and plan with confidence and clarity.

Focus and Flow is about energy, alignment and timing. The right energy to support your tasks and projects, your long-term vision and goals. 

This course will help you create more ease, flow and synergy while you are wearing a multitude of hats between life and business. Your effectiveness and productivity will increase as you align your energy. Less stress, more enjoyment and increased satisfaction with your productivity and results expand into greater success and happiness in both your life and your business.


planning & productivity with balance

Three Part Series 


Your Focus & Flow This Year and Next

We set a foundation of concepts and then get you oriented, with your personal bearings and focus for the year.

Feel confident, bold and clear to make decisions aware of your personal alignment with 2022, 2023 and beyond.

Discover your best course of action and where to start. Find peace and power seeing your optimal path forward within a framework that gives you both boundaries and freedom.

2.5 hrs. Live online training 


Time Blocking for Focus and Flow

Strategize and create a plan of action on monthly calendars.  Identify the best days for specific tasks, approach and action. Learn how to schedule your tasks to be more effective, efficient and productive working with supporting energy.

Seeing different approaches and options will open doors to new options and relieve stress, procrastination and negative self talk that has been stealing your joy, productivity and energy.

2.5 hrs. Live online training.


1-1 Private Mentoring Session

Building upon the foundation we established in the two classes this 30 minute zoom call gives you graceful accountability to anchor and confirm your sense of direction and plan.

With my undivided attention we'll address any challenges or dilemmas and clarify your understanding as you implement and refine what you learned in the first 2 modules.

We’ll discuss your ideas, strategy and action and bring my years of experience to pull your pieces together or expand to new levels - in whatever way is most appropriate for you.

30 min Personal Zoom Call


  • 90 days email Q&A support for technical questions relating to each class.

  • Intuitive insights that come through in the class as I demonstrate using questions and class contributed scenarios.

  • Quick Reference at-a-glance sheets to save time and make it easier as you strengthen your memory.

  • A workbook you can reprint year after year to guide you in your planning.

  • Printable worksheets to have fun doing what you've learned for your family and friends.

5 hours Live online Small Group Training

A Personal 30 min. Mentoring Session

All the bonuses


Special Summer Price  $247 

 Summer Earlybird Price $199