Discovery Call

Clear What's Limiting Your Success 

Strengthen Your Business from the Inside Out 

It's easy to diminish our confidence relating past success with current results, and forgetting just how big a task it is to build a unique and thriving business aligned with our values.

We all have invisible barriers, old thoughts and limiting beliefs that show through personal and business development. Negative ideas, old dramas and stories feeding false assumptions that cloud our brilliance.

3 Years ago Anita Colussi-Zanon joined me to create Align & Clear

Each month we explore topics and hurdles we all experience in entrepreneurship. Growth brings fears, anxiety, resistance and blocks to the surface. Sharing experiences and awareness we unlock hidden beliefs,  and clear them, shifting our resonance to experience something better.

Join us on zoom to focus on a key element in business

like money, marketing, leadership and effectiveness

You choose whether to attend ocassionally for a specific topic, or regularly each month.

Save the date and join us to transform your mindset, make new connections and to refine and elevate your business in a small group of kind, smart and talented women dedicated to growth.