Discovery Call

roundtable conversations

Join a round table conversation to gather with bright evolving women to talk about our topic of the month.

The......event is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with like-minded individuals who are commited to improve their lives and businesses. You will get to network with professionals from various industries and learn from their experiences. Plus, you'll gain practical strategies and insights that you can implement right away to achieve your goals.

Join me for creative exploration of the topic.

Give yourself an enlightening and uplifting 45 minutes to recharge the spirit, lighten the load and feel uplifted to continue with your day.
with fresh awareness.
to spend time with other forward thinking smart, kind women
feel grounded and energize with clarity and confidence. 
in moving forward and up.

intelligent, purposeful and interesting conversation that moves you forward, helps you to become better, stronger and let’s you shine in your uniqueness

 We come together with grace and gratitude. An openness to listen and willingness to share. A place to share ideas and thoughts that are not the same as the masses.

Like a rich impromptu conversation struck up at a networking event focused on a common interest or shared challange. Each sharing valuable points of view and wisdom. (Shine in your brilliance without grandstanding. Share your wisdom without sales pitches. No underhanded tactics - that's not how do things here). We come to the table as equals, with our own unique awareness, wisdom and point of view to share.

Walking away with insights you can use right away and awareness you can use to prepare for future success.

Join me for the pleasure of interesting, stimulating and charming conversations peppered with wit and humour.

Come with a healthy curiosity and willingness to share experiences. A healthy exchange of ideas and a lovely way to build alliances.

Organic and divinely guided while purposeful and focused.

Caring but not care taking Feel safe to express your feelings and appreciated for your contribution.

human connection has a major impact on feelings of fulfillment and purpose - Connection-Fulfilling and Purposeful in an organic and authentic way.

Overwhelmed - burdened with responsibility

True to who you are. - Clearing self doubt.

a smile on your face and feeling recharged by valuable conversation and genuine interaction.

You can count on me to bring my perspective and wisdom of creating a life and business your way with the help of Astrology, Metaphysics and Numerology and my decades of personal experience and learnings.

Time each month to break away, regroup and enjoy the company of other bright, evolving women. 

It's a no cost way to dip your toe into this new, inspiring and solution finding world that interweaves personal empowerment,